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Saxon Containers Fze, Leaders in Prefabricated  and Containerised Units

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Fully Functional  units complete with wiring, plumbing & air conditioning

Fast manufacturing time, starting typically a few weeks

Heavy duty and durable units at competitive  prices

Worldwide shipping to your nearest port

Ready to use units that require minimum site installation skills

Great  after sale customer service

Quality is paramount to us and Saxon Containers Fze is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company by SGS Ltd. (

Whatever your requirements

We manufacture units for a wide range of application areas and industries ranging from oilfield supplies to electrical power Substations

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In addition to manufacturing the units we offer a wide range of services from furniture and fittings sources to worldwide installation

We aim to provide our customers with a “one stop shop” for all of their needs. For more information, please click on the link below.


A Clinic OR A Field Hospital
A Site Office OR An Office Block
A Chemical, Material OR An NDT Test Lab
A Switching, Transformer OR A Packaged Substation
An Accommodation Unit OR An Entire Labour Camp

A Mobile Workshop OR A Complete Fabrication Plant
A Single Unit Store OR A Multi Unit Warehouse
A Water Filtration OR A Desalination Plant
A Generator OR A Power Plant
A Fuel OR A Liquid Tank

Saxon's unique & optimised designs containerised building solutions provide the answer.

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We manufacture units for a wide range of units ranging from site offices and accommodation modules to entire labour camps

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Container Conversion

Prefabricated Buildings

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Container Conversion, Prefabricated Buildings & Converted Containers

Manufacturers & Worldwide Exporters of of Prefabricated  Buildings & Converted ISO Shipping Containers (Container Conversion). Wide Range of Applications

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